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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock The Heroes (Characters List)

Here on this page, you can find well-researched Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes Lists and also how you can unlock the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes.




Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock The Heroes

Heroes are one of the biggest parts of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 world who will join you in your journey and will help you fight the monsters and bring peace to this world where monsters are taking charge and destroying the peace.

So having the best heroes in your team can be helpful for you and that’s why we thought to share this guide with you so that it will help you to unlock all the heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Here we will be describing heroes as mentioned in the class menu and here we will only share the unlocking and not about the gameplay of the particular heroes

How To Unlock The Heroes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

How To Unlock The Heroes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3
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How To Get Ethel

  • Role – Attacker
  • Class – Flash Fencer
  • Weapon – Dual Rapiers

You will attack Ethel earlier in chapter 3 as part of the main story and she will only temporarily be part of your party and you will get a clear warning when she leaves the game.

How To Get Valdi

  • Role – Healer
  • Class – War Medic
  • Weapon – Relief Rifle

You will meet him in chapter 3 as a part of the main story and he will teach you the necessary traversal skills.

How To Get Zeon

  • Role – Defender
  • Class – Guardian Commander
  • Weapon – Gutsy Gladius

After liberating colony 30 and obtaining valid you will find a discussion topic prompting the party to check in on colony 9, following this hero quest called where the heart is will lead you straight to Zeon.

How To Get Teach

  • Role – Healer
  • Class – Thaumaturge
  • Weapon – Martial Linkstaff

As the commander of colony Gamma, you will unlock Teach by freeing the colony you can find the start of this quest by returning to where the party first crossed paths and heading back up the path Mio’s team came from finding the quest-related event on the map and it should lead to the hero quest going beyond power, Teach grants your party the ability to climb up steep sandy slopes so he is the one you will want get early on to open up your exploration options.

How To Get Riku & Manana

Our next heroes are the team’s pair Riku and Manana while this pair accompanied the party throughout the game they only decide to start fighting in chapter 3m you will gain the yum smith attacker class by playing through the story.

How To Get Ash & Pelt Gray

Here is our next hero Gray the mysterious full metal jaguar that attacks with a pair of guns you will find grey by heading to a quest-related event on your map in the Aisa region to the northeast of the Kamos Guidepost landmark and up the climb of a wall approaching a key item near the cliff should trigger the quest of gray matter and following it through they will add the hero to your selection.

How To Get Isurd

  • Role – Healer
  • Class – Strategos
  • Weapon – Disc Launcher

After liberating the colony through the story you will be able to take on his hero quest and unwavering resolve Izzard also marks the start of heroes obtained in chapter 4.

How To Get Juniper

  • Role – Attacker
  • Class – Stalker
  • Weapon – Luminescent Bow

She is from the stalker class and wields a bow attacking from afar, you will get Juniper as a part of the story from chapter 4 by liberating colony Tau, she teaches two helpful skills to the party sliding down cables which opens up your traversal options and art cancelling.

How To Get Ashera

  • Role – Defender
  • Class – Lone Exile
  • Weapon – Twinsaber

To start her hero quest known as the earth of Ashira, you will find the quest-related event marker just outside the gates of colony 11, when the party comes to Kevin’s castle and decides to head to the right to execute the infiltration plan instead of continuing in that direction this is simply turned around towards the colony 11 and you will find the shira’s quest pretty close by.

How To Get Alexandria

  • Role – Attacker
  • Class – Incursor
  • Weapon – Exponential Edge

She is the last hero of chapter 4 she commands the colony Iota there are a few potential steps to this one and you can actually begin this quest as early as chapter 3, heading toward the quest-related event just southwest of colony 4, you will find acne and soldiers blocking yours before being driven away by Alexandria and her team.

After this, you will have two options continue down the path of high-level enemies to colony Iota or take Alexandria’s allies at several locations in chapter 3 and 4 across the foreign regions they are marked on your map with quest-related events and they can be some pretty tough battles if you aren’t ready for them.

Taking them out first makes the battle against Alexandria and colony Iota much more manageable however you choose to tacket it by storming and freeing the colony in the hero quest her regions you’ll get Alexandria to join your ranks.

How To Get Monica

  • Role – Defender
  • Class – Lost Vanguard
  • Weapon – Defense Mace

She is the first hero of chapter 5, she can join your ranks by completing the hero quest Vandham’s Heir which you can claim by finding a discussion topic in the city completing this quest teaches you more about Monica’s family and she decides to join your ranks and one thing you should keep in your mind that she will be unavailable for some portions of the story.

How To Get Fiona

  • Role – Healer
  • Class – Signifer
  • Weapon – War Standard

Our next hero is proud banner Fiona a signifier class that heals and supports the part, you will find her quest transparent dream on conch rock beach.

How To Get Triton

  • Role – Attacker
  • Class – Soulhacker
  • Weapon – Mimic Knuckles

This is a small series of quests starting off by spotting the piranhas of colony 15 in the water, if you DACA eichen isle and head to the quest event marker on the island it should kick off the start of the quest and then you will need to sail a bit to the east where you will find hargan point camp Triton’s hero quest.

How To Get Ghondor

  • Role – Attacker
  • Class – Martial Artist
  • Weapon – Turbo Cestus

You will find the next hero Ghondor through the story progression like a few others before her she will only temporarily join your party at first so try to make good use of her.

How To Get Miyabi

  • Role – Healer
  • Class – Troubadour
  • Weapon – Silken Ivy

She is an old friend of Mio and Senna’s and she will join your rank through Mio’s side story which despite being called a side story is required for the story progression so cannot miss her.

How To Get Cammuravi

  • Role – Attacker
  • Class – Seraph
  • Weapon – Heatshimmer Spear

As soon as you complete Mio’s side story and obtain Miyabi turn back around to colony Omega where you will encounter Cammuravi once again and take him to the city kicking off the quest a twist of fate and you need to simply complete this quest and Cammuravi will join your team.

How To Get Segiri

  • Role – Attacker
  • Class – Machine Assassin
  • Weapon – Doom Axes

Here is the most complicated hero of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and he is a crazy powerful hero but also a real pain to get as far back as chapter 4 you will find yourself ambushed by a strange leftness in a quest story progression called Imminent Illusion this is only the start off of your encounters with these mysterious raiders and after completing chapter 4 you need to go back to colony 4 complete many of the side quests available there, in particular, Rousing Boliaris and tactical eradication until you discover a new quest related event marker just outside the gates of the colony.

This will trigger the quest severed connection which will lead you to your second encounter with these mysterious raiders after completing this quest you must also complete a quest in the city writer’s block which is obtained initially through a discussion topic leading the party to buy a book then question its author and the author sends the party some remote locations each of which will be marked on your map with quest markers at several of these locations.

In particular, the eternal canopy distant fingertips and vista aronar you will encounter more of these mysterious raiders and after completing all of these quests you will find a new quest event marker south of colony Omega which will kick off the hero quest in humanity to get Segiri to join your ranks and Segiri grants the party Hazard neutralization allowing you to navigate hazardous areas.

Now if for some reason after completing all of these quests still won’t make this event start near colony Omega, you may need to complete side quests in colony 4 this is by far the most complex hero to obtain but given that she’s the last one in the list here it makes sense and they have added two more and below you can check them.

How To Get Nia

  • Role – Healer
  • Class – Lifesage
  • Weapon – Anima Sword

The queen of Agnes Nia is a very helpful ally and you can find her by returning to where you originally met Queen Nia in the cloud keep specifically the hall of Serene you will find the new quest-related event there and by going to it Nia will join your adventure.

How To Get Melia

Role – Attacker
Class – Royal Summoner
Weapon – Elemental Staff

Melia is the queen of Kevis and she is also quick and simple to get so you simply need to return to Kevis Castle and there you will find a quest related on your map at the main entrance to walk through the castle doors and you will get Melia added to your rank of Heroes.

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