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Where To Find Laver In Tower Of Fantasy (Foodie Girl questline)

In order to complete the NPC Patty quest, you have to get him the Laver and in this article, we will find out Where To Find Laver In the Tower Of Fantasy.




Where To Find Laver In Tower Of Fantasy

In the Tower Of Fantasy you have to leave earth and have to settle down in planet Aida because of the lack of resources and energy.

So after coming to this amazing and quite dangerous planet you have to try to survive the harsh condition by any mean and have to perform many different tasks and cooking is one of such task that helps the character to gain energy and survive the game.

Other than that players also have to complete many different quest to gain rewards and experience and one of such quest is acquiring Laver in order to complete the quest of foodie girl 1 and here we will see where to find Laver in Tower Of Fantasy.

Where To Find Laver In Tower Of Fantasy?

Where To Find Laver In Tower Of Fantasy?
Find Laver In Tower Of Fantasy

As Laver is quite a rare item in Tower Of Fantasy game you have to do bit of a research in order to find the resource or you can just read the article that will make the things easy for you. Now you will get the instruction of getting the Laver from the beach for Patty.

And reading thing instruction will make you think that you can find the Laver is available where patty is but that is not actually the case and you have to move towards the south of Signal Station Ruin and for that you have to travel around 600m and there you will quite ample amount of purple plant that is what you are searching the Laver.

And now you can easily take five out of them and return to the place and hand over the Laver’s and you will then get your reward that is recipe for seafood soup.

south of Signal Station Ruin
south of Signal Station Ruin

Foodie Girl questline 2nd Part

After you get her Laver you have to perform one more tasks where you have to get eight scallops from the beach and you will easily find the Scallops on the beach where NPC is situated and then you can easily collect the Scallops and handove to Patty and you will get some experience.

Foodie Girl questline 3rd Part

Now in the 3rd and final part you simply have to get her portunid for which you have to slay the crabs that you can find on the Patty’s beach and then upon giving the portunid you will be entitled for the rewards like three Matrix Data Pack II and two Jetboard Shards.

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