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What Do Pteranodons Eat ARK (Pteranodons Taming Guide)

Here on this page, you get the information related to what Pteranodons Eat in ARK and also a detailed Pteranodons Taming Guide.




What Do Pteranodons Eat ARK & Taming Guide

Here is our amazing flying creature that has the ability to fly continuously for hours and mostly they eat fish but you can also find them eat the dead creature on the ground and also you can find them quite easily on the island.

Pteranodons is a medium size carnivorous pterosaur who lands on the ground when he is hungry and want to eat something, the creature has sharp teeth and amazing pair of wings.

And as we are thinking of taming the creature so it is easy to find one and follow the creature because they have to land on the ground to regenerate their stamina and here in this guide we will show you how to tame a Pteranodons in ARK.

How To Tame Pteranodons?

Pteranodons Taming Guide
Pteranodons Taming Guide

You do not have to put much effort in order to tame Pteranodons as you can tame the creature with a simple knockout. Most of the time you will find them flying and that is only pain in order to tame one but don’t worry they do land on one ground to regenerate their stamina.

So you just have to follow it until it lands on the ground and as soon as it landed throw a bola at the creature that makes him immobilize and now it is the perfect time to knock it down by hitting on its head and one thing you have to keep in your mind that you do not have to kill the creature otherwise you have to do it from zero.

Now once you have knocked it down you have to access its inventory it is carnivorous you can put raw meat there and once it will gain its consciousness it will eat the food you placed there and the taming bar will start filling and eventually Pteranodons will get tamed.

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