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Way of The Hunter: Ross’s Goose Location 

Check out Ross’s Goose Location in Way Of The Hunter below which you can then sell in order to earn some money.




Way of The Hunter: Ross's Goose Location 

Way of The Hunter has really set a high bar for any hunting simulation game as the game has everything that players want like realism, awesome graphics, good use of physics and etc.

And all of these things make the game super amazing and as you have to hunt down different animals in order to mean money Ross’s Goose is a great option for good pancakes.

And if you are facing any difficulties in finding Ross’s Goose then you can check the below map and guide you can locate the animal.

Ross’s Goose Location In Way Of The Hunter

We know that words can not understand things properly and that’s why we have shared the location with the help of the map that you can check above.

So in the above image, you can see the exact location of the Ross’s Goose Location but you do not have to land on the exact location as this will make the birds fly immediately.

And that’s why to try to land on a different location River Knox is the best place to land on and after landing there try to move towards the location slowly so that they won’t able to see you.

Ross's Goose in Air
Ross’s Goose in Air

And now you can see the animal and have to set your aim and then shoot Ross’s Goose but if you miss they will start flying so you have to make sure that you hunt birds at first.

But if you miss somehow you still have the chance when the bird is in the air you have to make your aim and shoot until you hunt one.

Now reach near the animal you have hunted and then simply claim the animal and you are now all set to earn money.

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