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Way Of The Hunter Pheasants Location

Let’s checkout where you can find Pheasants in way of the hunter game and hunt them down.




Way Of The Hunter Pheasants Location

There are several different creatures available in the Way of The Hunter game and some of them are ground animals who are easy to locate when you compare them to the animals who are flying.

And one of the flying creatures you will find in the game is Pheasants, you won’t feel much difficulty hunting them.

But the actual problem here is to locate them and without hunting them you won’t be able to complete General Pho’s Pheasant mission but don’t we will help you in order to find them so let’s start the searching procedure now.

Way Of The Hunter Pheasants Location

Pheasants Location in Way Of The Hunter
Pheasants Location

So with the help of the above map, you can easily find the location where you can find Pheasants, and visit the place around 1:00 – 3:00 PM as this is the feeding time of the bords.

But as the birds are quite small in size, you will face difficulty in finding them in the long grassland and also if you go close to them and they hear sound then chances are they will go away and you miss a change.

But to take care of things and you can use your weapons from a long distance that should have a high velocity so that they won’t get a chance to escape and you will make your changes to 100%.

Hopefully, the article will be helpful for you and if you want more help then you can check out these articles Way of The Hunter: Ross’s Goose Location, Black Truffle Location In Tower of Fantasy, Electric Eel Location In Tower of Fantasy

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