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Two Point Campus Love Bench Guide

Love Bench plays an important role to build a relationship between students in Two Point Campus. Let’s know everything about the Love Bench



Two Point Campus Love Bench Guide

After the success of the Two Point Hospital, the developer of the game launched Two Point Campus. This is a business simulation game in which you need to run a university and earn a profit.

You need to give all facilities to your students and staff so, they will be happy then you have more chances to make a profit from university business.

You can manage campus according to the need of the Student and place some items that help the Student to make relationships. The two-point campus has two types of relationships one friendship and another romance.

If your student will build relationships so, you will get benefit from it to attract more students to your university and many other benefits.

You need to place some items at a different place that helps to increase the relationship between the student so, here we are going to share a guide on one such item that helps to build relationships in the game and the name of the item is Love Bench.

Love Bench In Two Point Campus

 Two Point Campus: Love Bench

Love Bench plays an important role to build a relationship between students. This bench helps to develop Romances and increase Attractiveness. You can place Love Bench in Two Point Campus outside to develop Romances from levels 1 to 2 (Crush to Dating).

The bench is made of wooden, decorated with three large pink colour hearts shaped on the back and pink wrapping on the armrests. You can get this bench for 25 Kudosh or $600 and place it outside so, students can sit and develop the romance.

This was the complete guide on Love Bench uses and How to get it in Two Point Campus. You can also check out other guides on the game such as How To Get Course Points To Upgrade Course and Two Point Campus All Clubs Guide.

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