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Tower of Fantasy Vera Friendly Sand Rabbit Puzzle Guide

Check out the latest guide to Friendly Sand Rabbit Puzzle and progress further in the game.




Tower of Fantasy Vera Friendly Sand Rabbit Puzzle Guide

Just after the release of the game Tower of Fantasy in December it become a huge hit among gamers and attracted huge no. users in a very less period of time because of the awesome graphics and story.

Then after a successful period of a few months, they have now come up with a new version where users will now find themselves in a brand-new region called Vera with lots of amazing places, foes, puzzles and other things.

And among all those things there is a puzzle named Friendly Sand Rabbit Puzzle that will help you progress further in the game by completing the puzzle and let’s see we can solve the puzzle.

How To Solve Friendly Sand Rabbit Puzzle

How To Solve Friendly Sand Rabbit Puzzle

So in order to solve the puzzle you have to find the friendly sand rabbit and in order to find it you have to go to the place near Billows Valley which is Spacerift: Magma Lair once you reach the location you have to move towards the south.

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Now you have to keep moving for a while and then you will find a sand rabbit on the ground you have to reach the animal and once you reach he will start spinning and want your encouragement.

And on order to encourage the Sand Rabbit, you will have to use the proper emoticon, for which you can open the chat and below you will find a plus button click the button.

After that, you will see some emoticons on the left side and you have to use the correct emote based on the bubble showing “clap”. Once you do that he will stop and bring the black nucleus for you, simply take the nucleus and you are now done with the quest.

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