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Tower Of Fantasy Suppressor Guide (Get Radiation Protection)

Aida is a huge world that you have to explore but there are a few places that have high radiation and can claim your life and their suppressor can help you.




Tower Of Fantasy Suppressor Guide

When Earth got destroyed and everyone has to move to a new world Aida where players has to explore all the new things and find the things that will help them survive.

But as the world is huge and there are lots of places to explore players sometimes visit places that are not good for them like a high radiation place that can kill them.

And that time you will see that you start losing your health without getting any attacks or hits but there are items like Suppressor that can help you bear the radiation and here we will see the complete guide on Suppressor in Tower Of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy Suppressor Guide

Suppressor Tower Of Fantasy

In order to complete a mission, you have to visit Warren and others you will meet Mr Kim’s connection but the problem is that the place is highly radioactive which started damaging your health as soon as you reach the place.

And at that time you have two options either you can go back or use your suppressor but even in order to use the suppressor, you have to upgrade it.

In order to upgrade the suppressor, you have to use potent omnium crystals and you can get the potent omnium crystals by farming them below you can find the guide on how you can farm potent omnium crystals.

Potent Omnium Crystals

Potent Omnium Crystals

So in order to get potent omnium crystals, you can complete the ruin and for every successful completion, you will be rewarded with the desired item. You can also go for the Bygone Phantasm which will again help you to get your item.

So once you have enough potent omnium crystals you can upgrade Suppressor whenever you feel like it and if getting damaged by radiation.

Hope you get the complete information and if you want more guidance you can check here Pinecone Tower Of Fantasy Location, Tower Of Fantasy Tomato And Fried Egg Pasta, Lettuce Tower Of Fantasy Complete Guide

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