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Tower Of Fantasy Singularity Rocks Unearth Guide

Here we have shared a detailed guide on how to unearth the Tower Of Fantasy Singularity Rocks once you have completed chapter one.




Tower Of Fantasy Singularity Rocks Unearth Guide

Tower Of Fantasy is an amazing MMORPG that has a huge open world to explore, dangerous bosses to fight with, and different items like animals, plants and also statuses.

So Singularity Rocks are a kind of statue that you will find later in the game and be exact after the first chapter.

It appears as a man holding a huge ball over his shoulders that you might have seen in some greek statues and mostly found in the Banges region but without any particular pattern, they can appear anywhere in the region.

And interacting with these statues is quite confusing and they are totally different from all other interactable items even though it is not completely known how to properly interact with them or what rewards you will get after successfully interacting with them.

How To Interact With Singularity Rocks In Tower Of Fantasy

How To Interact With Singularity Rocks In Tower Of Fantasy
How To Interact With Singularity Rocks In Tower Of Fantasy

The actual description provided in the game about Singularity Rocks is “odd rocks that can be unearthed and levitated by certain relics” so the first that we will be needed is the Relic which is a strange cube and you will get this after successful completion of Ruin A-02 in Astra.

So the first thing that you have to do is open the main menu and there you will find Relic tap on that and at last deploy the strange cube to equip.

So now you have the item that you will be needed to yank the huge ball, then you just have to move closer to the Singularity and activate the Relic which will create force and results in levitating the ball and ultimately separate the ball from the pillar and fall on the ground that will crack the ball.

And now the loot is there so in this way you can interact with the Singularity Rocks and loot the ball.

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