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Tower of Fantasy: How To Make Pine Cocoa

You can consume Cocoa Beans in Tower of Fantasy to Reinstate 10 satiety and Reinstate (16% + 34,000) HP.



Tower of Fantasy Pine Cocoa

Tower of Fantasy is an anime-inspired cross-platform Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that you can enjoy on Mobile and devices.

You can enjoy this game and take part in quests, defeat enemies, follow a central storyline, and obtain various kinds of loot. You need to also cook some dishes to offer others to complete the quest or get some items.

If you will consume the types of delicious food in Tower of Fantasy then it will help you to restore depleted health, restore depleted stamina, provide buffs etc. In this guide, we are going to share a complete guide on the Tower of Fantasy Pine Cocoa Recipe that you can consume and get some benefits.

Tower of Fantasy Pine Cocoa Recipe

Tower of Fantasy Pine Cocoa Recipe

Pine Cocoa is a Rare grade dish in Tower of Fantasy. You need some ingredients to make the dish that we have mentioned below.

  • x1 Pinecone
  • x1 Cocoa Beans
  • x2 Milk

You need to explore the map of the TOF and collect one Pinecone, One Cocoa Bean and Two Milk to make Pine Cocoa in Tower of Fantasy. Once you have collected all the ingredients then search the Cooking stations that are usually located all over the map. You can use this dish to Reinstate 10 satiety and Reinstate (16% + 34,000) HP.

Tower of Fantasy Cocoa Beans Location

Tower of Fantasy Cocoa Beans Location
Image Source: Level Infinite

There are various places to find Cocoa Beans in the Tower of Fantasy. You can explore west of Cetus Island in the Navia region. You can check out all locations of Cocoa Beans that you can find in the Navia Region. You can use Cocoa Beans as an ingredient to make Chocolate Bread, Cocoa Milk and Pine Cocoa.

If you also looking for Pinecones and Milk then you can check out our dedicated guide on Pinecone Tower Of Fantasy Location and How To Get Milk In The Tower Of Fantasy.

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