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Tower of Fantasy: Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe

Check out the Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe with all the important information that you needed.




Tower of Fantasy Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe

Tower of Fantasy is organising an Aida Cafe Event and the dates for the event is from September 14 to 28 being a limited event there are a few recipes that you won’t be able to get from any other places.

And in this event, you will get the chance to serve delicious dishes to your customers and you will be able to get awesome rewards from the event like Red Nuclei, high-level Matrix upgrade materials, SSR Relic shards, and more.

The best thing about the event is it’s very simple yet rewarding all you have to do is get the recipe to gather the ingredient cook the food and get the rewards. And Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe is one such simple recipe that we will see today that you can serve your customers.

TOF Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe

TOF Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe

So in order to cook the recipe, we will first need to gather the ingredients and those are:

IngredientNo. of ingredientHow to get
Salmon1To get this item you either need to
defeat Sobek or you can Lake Bass
that you find around Southern Naa Fjords.
Honey1You will find numerous beehives near
Crimson Pillars where you will get Honey.
Lettuce13You can find them near the Ring of Echos.

This recipe is the prefered one for the  Crow, Hilda, and Shiro with a low Satiety of 20 which makes it a great food for events. Now once you have all recipes just add them together in the electric cooker and you are done with the recipe.

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