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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Find The Stolen Lolipop (“Lina’s hiding at Fennie’s)

Want to where Lina is hiding so that you can get half of the lollipop then do read the complete guide and you will be able to find it out.




Tower Of Fantasy: How To Find The Stolen Lolipop

So all candies of Lynx are stolen by the gang and they hide them so that he won’t be able to get them but by finding Lina you will be able to get the stole lollipops. In this hide and seek game if you are able to find her you will get the shipment otherwise you will your shipment.

So after talking to Lynx, you have to go to Lily who is standing behind a tree but as soon as you meet her, she will think of you as a suspicious person as you are with Lina.

But once you tell her that Lina has stolen the candies then she will ask you whether you will be able to give her some candies then tell her, yes you will and immediately she will expose the location of Lina.

How To Find The Stolen Lolipop

So Lilly will tell you that Lina’s hiding at Fennie’s and you have to move to the place that is not so far and once you will reach there you will find Lina, who will initially refuse to know anything about the Lolipop.

But when you again ask her she will then confess about Mr Lynx Lolipop but do tell her that you will not do that to anybody if she gives that to you.

Then she will hand over the stolen lollipop which you can then hand over to Mr Lynx and doing so will complete the quest.

Lina's hiding at Fennie's
Lina’s hiding at Fennie’s

Also, you will get so many amazing rewards like Sugar Paper x 5, Weapon battery II x1, Matrix data pack II x 1, Nano coating x1, Acidproof glaze x 1 and other than that you will also receive heavy experience.

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