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Tower of Fantasy: How to enter and complete Star Gates

There are a few amazing features in the Tower of Fantasy game that you may not find in any other and an interactive sci-fi concert is one of them.




Tower of Fantasy: How to enter and complete Star Gates

The game lets you explore the endless possibility after the post-apocalypse where mobs and enemies are trying to destroy the whole world and you have to kill them and this only happens on the planet but also in space.

And that’s why you have to make an interstellar tour with the help of the star gate which is a doorway to enter interstellar and once you enter the door you will have to face different mobs and enemies.

So if you do not have any idea about How to enter and complete Star Gates then in this article we will guide you and everything.

How to enter and complete Star Gates

Second Wave Of Star Gate
Source – Level Infinite

Once you will enter the gate you will see waves of enemies and mobs and they will not come in one shot they will come in three different levels of difficulty. But before that, you have to find the gates that appear every day on the map in six different locations.

But you have to choose one of them and reach their location and once you are there you have to interact with the gate that will open the doorway for you, with the help of which you will be able to do interstellar travel.

And now its time for the fight where you will encounter small and weak enemies who you will beat very easily that was the first wave of enemies and then in the second wave you will find s few small enemies and two large mobs with huge health bar but you will still don’t feel many problems to beat them but make sure you first break the shields of the bigger mobs otherwise there can hurt you.

How to enter and complete Star Gates
Source – Level Infinite

And then in the 3rd and last wave, you will face 4 large mobs of two different types and they are quite hard to beat as they have a high health bar so need to use high damage weapons if ordered to kill them and other than that you should also have healing foods that will help you if your bar reaches very low.

So that’s all about Star Gates and for information, you can these articles How to Get Onions in Tower of Fantasy and Tower of Fantasy Barnacle Location

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