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Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Gender (Character Appearance)

Check out the detailed guide on how to change the gender of your characters in Tower of Fantasy.




Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Gender

Tower of Fantasy is an open MMORPG game where you will be taken to a new world of AIDA where you have to perform different tasks in order to grow and become in this awesome world.

The game is available to play on different devices and also is available to play solo and also you can play with your friends. But here in this article, we will see the central aspect of any MMORPG game which is its character creation.

So in most games, we have to create our characters before starting with the game and have to keep the characters till the end but Tower of Fantasy lets its players customize their characters whenever they want to do that.

So if you also want to customize your characters in between the game then below you can find the procedure and just follow the procedure in order to change the gender of your character in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Gender

How To Change Gender in Tower Of Fantasy
Source – Hardreset

Follow these steps in order to get your desired result.

  • Open the game and hit the menu option that is available in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Once you will hit the option you will find several different options like friends, backpack, setting, weapons and others and you have to hit the weapons option.
  • Then a new window will open where you will find the character portion on the bottom left corner hit the option.
  • Then you will find a gender icon just next to the image of your character and you have to hit that icon and you get the option of Sex Change.
  • And you have to tap on the yes option and you are done now.

So in that way, you change the gender of your character and if you want more guidance on the game then you check these articles Tower Of Fantasy Characters Ultimate Burst Skill, How to Get a Vehicle In Tower of Fantasy

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