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Tower of Fantasy: How To A Make Fruit Cake For Nico 

To cook Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy, you need to have some ingredients such as Strawberries, Homi Grain and some other ingredients.

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How To A Make Fruit Cake

If you love food then Tower of Fantasy gives you the opportunity to cook a delicious dish with the help of some ingredients. You can cook any dish with the help of a cooking pot that is spread all over the map.

When you will start exploring the Tower of Fantasy then you need to do cooking because the food will help you to restore depleted health, restore depleted stamina, provide buffs etc. In some quests and missions of Tower of Fantasy or ToF, you need to cook a dish and offer it to others to get something else from them.

If you are also going to complete a side mission to celebrate Nico’s Birthday then you need to cook Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy so, here we are going to share a complete guide on Fruit Cake Tower of Fantasy Recipe Tower of Fantasy.

Nico’s Birthday Wish Side Mission

Nico is so sad today because today is her birthday and her parents are not at home. She likes Fruit cake because her mom always cooks Fruit Cake on Nico’s birthday. You can find this Birthday Wish Side Mission Mission Terminal.

If you will complete this mission by offering Fruit Cake to Nico then you will get x2 Strawberries and 1859 EXP as a reward. You can also well wish to Nico and give her Fruit Pie to get some other rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Fruit Cake Recipe

Tower of Fantasy Fruit Cake Recipe
Image Source: Hotta Studio

To cook Fruit Cake in TOF, you need to have some ingredients such as x2 strawberries, x1 Homi Grain, x1 Fallen Fruit and x1 Poultry Egg. Once you have all the ingredients then look for the Cooking Pot and insert all ingredients to cook Fruit Cake.

If you don’t know where to find Strawberries, Homi Grain and Fallen Fruit then here’s the guide that you can check to get this ingredient.

Fruit Cake Other Benefits

You can also consume this dish to get some restore10 satiety and use it to immediately restore (15% + 20,000) HP to the Wanderer.

If we talk about the Poultry Egg then, you can find this egg from the nest of the birds. You can check to find Nests on high elevations such as cliffs, spires, and mountains. There are high chances to get Poultry eggs at Raincaller Island in North Aesperia

This was the complete guide on Tower of Fantasy Fruit Cake. You can also check out other guides for the game such as Where To Find Fiddlehead In Tower Of Fantasy.

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