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Tower of Fantasy: Free Falling Achievements Guide

If you want to get the free falling achievements in the Tower Of Fantasy game then below you can find the detailed guide free falling achievements in TOF.




Tower of Fantasy: Free Falling Achievements Guide

Different games want their user to perform some unique and different tasks and on performing such tasks they give them rewards and unlock specific achievements.

As Tower Of Fantasy is not a different game and it also wants its users to perform some unique tasks Free Falling is one of such unique tasks that can even claim your life not done properly.

But you don’t have to worry we are here to help you with this guide on Tower Of Fantasy Free Falling Achievements so without any further delay let’s check out the guide.

Free Falling Achievements Guide

Free Falling Achievements Guide
Free Falling Achievements Guide

As we all know that falling from a great height can claim your life even in the game but that’s what your task is so have to intentionally jump from an incredible height and the task is that you also have to survive in that jump in order to complete your achievement.

So first you have to find a place with a great height and if you are struggling to find the right place then you can visit to Banges Shelter and there you have to visit Spacerift and there you will find three big balloons.

And now you simply have to climb to the top of the balloon and go to the end of the spikes and there comes the trick does not make the jump rather you have to dodge to the front and if you are lucky you will unlock the achievement in your first attempt but if not you will die and you can then again try until you unlock your achievement.

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