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Tower of Fantasy: Carbonated Water Location Guide

Below you can check the detailed guide on Carbonated Water Location in Tower Of Fantasy that you can use to cook some awesome recipes.




Tower of Fantasy Carbonated Water Location Guide

If you are not a beginner then till now you must have an idea about the importance of food in the Tower Of Fantasy game.

And Carbonated Water in the Tower Of Fantasy is an important ingredient to cook different recipes but you have to find this ingredient in order to use it in your recipe.

And finding the particular ingredient is not much difficult so without further delay let’s check out the Carbonated Water Location.

Where To Find Carbonated Water In Tower Of Fantasy

Mrs Taylor Food Vendor Tower Of Fantasy

So you will find Carbonated Water in the Astra Region and even you check the exact carbonated water location on the above map with a cooker icon.

So once you have reached the place you will find a lady with purple Mrs Taylor and she the food vendor about whom I told you.

So she will ask you what you want to cook as she has all the ingredients and also the one you are searching for Carbonated water. And will just cost you 40 gold as you can see in the above image.

Carbonated Water Recipes

1 – Honeyed Fruit Juice (Healing Food) (300 Stamina, 12% + 3,300 HP)

  • 2 Fallen Fruit
  • 1 Honey
  • 1 Carbonated Water

Rarity – R

2 – Iced Orchid Surprise (Healing Food) (300 Stamina, 12% + 3,300 HP)

  • 2 Ghost Mushroom
  • 1 Milk
  • 1 Carbonated Water

Rarity – R

3 – Iced Strawberry Soda (Resistance Food) (10 satiety + Flame Resistance +10% + Flame Resistance +170 + Duration 900 sec)

  • 2 Strawberry
  • 2 Honey
  • 1 Carbonated Water

4 – Sweet Pomegranate Juice (Healing Food) (600 stamina + 16% + 34,000 HP)

  • 2 Phosphogranate
  • 2 Honey
  • 1 Carbonated Water

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