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Tower Of Fantasy Apophis: Rewards, Location And Battle Guide

World bosses are always difficult to defeat unless you know the exact technique here will tell you everything about Apophis that you will need to defeat him and also the rewards you will get.




Tower Of Fantasy Apophis: Rewards, Location And Battle Guide

As Tower Of Fantasy is a huge open-world game so the chances are huge that you may encounter lots of enemies while exploring the world of Aida. You won’t find huge difficulty in defeating most of the enemies but when we talk about the world bosses they are really deadly.

If you are not prepared well before facing world bosses you may not even survive their single attack so make sure you are at a good level, you have good damage stats and other stats that help you battle the monsters.

But if you are finding it difficult to get all information about the world’s boss Apophis that will help you find and defeat him then you are at the right place here on this page we have shared all the information about the second-world boss of Tower Of Fantasy that you will be needed in order to beat him.

Tower Of Fantasy Apophis Location

Tower Of Fantasy Apophis Location
Tower Of Fantasy Apophis Location

You can find Apophis on North Highlands Banges Factories the place is actually situated between Banges Industrial Zone and Banges Omnium Tower and the exact coordinates for the place is -497.8, 11.7 which you check on the above map that we have provided.

Once you are there on the place you have to go to the upside on the plateau and ideally you should be on a level around 30 once reach the place now it is time to either take part in the battle or you can battle solo that can be quite tough for you if you are in lower level.

Tower Of Fantasy Apophis Battle Guide

So you in that region you will see how strong the boss is and how deadly his moves are so you have to hit home hard in order to defeat him but at the same time you have to save yourself from being killed by his deadly moves and for that, you need to have the knowledge regarding his attacks and below we have discussed all the go check it out.

Swipe Attack

In this attack, the monster will create a red circle and then do a 360-degree swipe with his claws that will give you some good damage if you are inside that red circle, so just move away from the circle and you can easily dodge the attack.



Now there is another deadly attack by Apophis where he simply raises his hands in the air and starts throwing fireballs that are quite deadly and if you are not prepared can claim your life in the game. There is no specific pattern of this fireball attack so it becomes very difficult to dodge but still, you can do that by moving around and must stand still at a place.

Jump Attack

So during the battle Apophis will suddenly get into a position like a tiger is about to attack and suddenly it jumps very fast in the direction of his nose which will deplete lots of your health if it successfully attacks you.

Rock Attack

By the name you can guess this attack where the monster will throw rocks on you that cause serious damage although if you are quite attentive then there are good chances that you can easily dodge the rocks so make sure you move away as soon as the rock gets closer to you.

The Trio

The Trio

When you are close to him it will first swipe both the claws one by one and after that, he will make a fist and use it to give you great damage by smashing hard into the ground at that time you have to be quick and you can again dodge this attack of the Apophis.

Energy Radiation

Another lethal move by the monster is he will raise his hands and a shock will generated in his claws that he smashes on the ground that results in the releasing of the radiation energy but there is a way to dodge this attack and to dodge you have to come close to player who a different type of orb. So if you have the black orb go closer to the white one.

Tower Of Fantasy Apophis Rewards

Possibly you can get up to 8 different rewards but it’s not guaranteed that you will receive all the rewards that you also see in the above image if you want all the rewards then you can try killing Apophis multiple times and you will all of them and below you check the rewards.

  • Random SR Weapon
  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Apophis: Matrix
  • Tsubasa: Matrix
  • Matrix Data Pack III
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Tsubasa: Matrix
  • Weapon Battery III

Hope you get the complete information that you are searching for and if you want more guidance then you check out these articles Tower Of Fantasy Hyena Guard Location, Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Wasteland Outfit, Where to Get Amusement Park Tickets In Tower Of Fantasy

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