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Tower of Fantasy: All Ruin E-02 Chests Locations

Tower Of Fantasy has different Ruins available for the players and here we will see how to complete All Ruin E-02 Chests so let’s start.



Tower of Fantasy All Ruin E-02 Chests Locations

Chests are a great way get great loots, and even you won’t have to do much of hard work in order to get the chests in Tower Of Fantasy.

All that is needed is locating the dungeons and for that we are here to help you out as we have shared the locations of different diungeons and here you can check it out Tower Of Fantasy: Dungeon Guide.

And we will do the same here and you will get the location of Ruin E-02 Chests so without any further delay let’s see the locations.

All Ruin E-02 Chests Tower of Fantasy

Ruin E-02 Location
Ruin E-02 Location

In order to find the chest your first have to move to the Warren region and for your ease we have provided the exact location on the map above and even you can also check the coordinates that are Lat 543.2, Long 477.7.

Gate to enter the ruin

Once you reach the place you have to find for the green triangle shape gate that you can see in the above image.

And once you will enter the ruin you will different enemies there who are ready to kill you immediately, you have beat them all and move straight and in the last on your left side you will find a green glowing box your first chest.

Ruin E-02 Second Chest

After getting the first chest go for the next one and for that you have to go back and you will find a broken wall to go inside and there you will have to climb the ladder and then again cilmb the another ladder and you reach to another location.

Here you will find other enemies who you again have to beat and you won’t fidn it difficult to find the green glowing chest it was the there in front of the iron rods.

And in that way you can easily get the chest and the loot you will get from the chest.

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