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Thymesia: Circulation Potion Recipe




Thymes: Circulation Potion Recipe

Thymesia is an action RPG game that gives you a feel like Soulslike but focuses more on  Bloodborne and Sekiro. So the game is a relatively fast-paced game where you will face so many formidable enemies to fight and defeat.

And in order to take down the enemies, you will be required many different weapons and in the game, you will be able to get awesome weapons and skills and those can be really helpful to you.

But other than weapons the game also has different positions that hold different abilities and Circulation Potion is one such amazing potion that can give you some great abilities to progress in the game.

Thymesia: Circulation Potion Recipe

Circulation Potion Recipe
Circulation Potion Recipe

But in order to form the potion, you will be required to different ingredients that you have to find first as without them you won’t be able to craft the potion.

And there are journals and books scattered around the world where you will find the recipes of different and also the recipe of Circulation Potion.

So in order to craft Circulation Potion, you will be required these three items fennel, sage and cinnamon sage, fennel and cinnamon.

So in order to get the first ingredient which is fennel, you will have to defeat blood-spiked minibosses whom you will find in the Royal Gardens.

Now for the second item sage, you will have to defeat Hanged Queen and Mutated Odur and you can again find him in Royal Garden as well as in the Sea of Trees.

And for the third ingredient which is Cinnamon you have to defeat these three bosses Sound of the Abyss, Varg, and the Hanged Queen.

And for every second till the effect of the potion is there you will get 5 health points.

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