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Stray: How To Get Worker Jacket And Worker Helmet

Knowing how to get a worker jacket and worker helmet can be very helpful for you as it will help Blazer to enter the Neco Corp factory and here on this page you will get the guidance regarding that.

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How To Get Worker Jacket And Worker Helmet

So as soon as you will start the game you will have to meet Blazer the NPC who is Clementine’s contact whom you can find in Midtown down the alleyway once you meet him you will get to know that without Worker Jacket and Worker Helmet he won’t be able to enter the factory and you have to get him the jacket and helmet that you can find in the nearby store and then only you can steal the battery.

But you just can not enter the store and get the item as you will find the store owner who will not be going to let you do so but there is a way to do so by playing high volume music that the owner cannot bear and have to go to shut that down and at that time you can easily steal the worker jacket and worker helmet.

Robot With White Hoodie

Robot With White Hoodie
Source – BlueTwelve Studio

But you will be needed a cassette tape with the help of which you will be able to play high-volume music and for that, you have to come out of the shop and get back to the apartment complex where you will find three robots playing music and you have to meet the robot with white hoodie Simon who will give you the cassette tape but before that, you have to perform a task for him.

You have to destroy the three cameras that are for the surveillance of the area and the task is an easy one where you simply have to jump on the camera and it will get destroyed. You will find the first camera by going up the stairs and from there you have to jump on the ledge and then simply walk across the frame and jump on the camera to destroy it.

The second camera is located on the first floor by going to the opposite side and then again dropping down on the ledge and jumping on the camera to destroy it, now the last and third Camera is situated on the opposite wall of the second camera which you can again destroy easily by jumping on it.

Get Worker Jacket

Get Worker Jacket
Source – BlueTwelve Studio

Once you will destroy all the cameras Simon will give you the cassette tape and then you have to go back to the shop again and go to the changing room area where you will find a radio and then you have to interact with the radio and insert the cassette that will distract the shop and you can easily steal the worker jacket from the display.

Worker Helmet

Worker Helmet
Source – BlueTwelve Studio

In order to get the worker helmet, you have to go to the hat shop but you can not go inside easily as there is a guard that will not let you go inside the shop. And you can use the box to go inside but the robot that will take the box inside is passed out in the bar shop and you have to wake him up by throwing a bottle at him.

Once he wakes up he will take the box inside the store and you have to get inside that box before he lifts the box once you are inside the store you can now easily get the hat from the display and you have to go outside the shop from a small space at the bottom of the wall and get back to Blazer and give him the helmet and you guys are now ready to go inside the factory.

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