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Stray Blanket/Cloth Location: How To Get a Blanket For Elliot

Here on this page, we have shared stray blanket location, and the guide on how to get a Blanket for Elliot so that he will be able to feel warm and can fix your tracker.




How To Get a Blanket For Elliot

Stray is an adventure game where a cat got separated from his family and reaches a dystopian city that is full of robots, he wants to go back to his family by escaping the city but he faces many difficulties in his path and also has to perform many different tasks and you have to help him in his journey so that he can complete all the tasks and able to reach his destination.

And here is another task that will help you leave the slum and city as your tracker broke you are not able to find the path but there is a robot Elliot who can help you to fix the tracker but you need to get him something to make him warm so that he can work and able to fix your tracker.

How To Get a Blanket For Elliot?

Stray Blanket/Cloth Location
Source – BlueTwelve Studio

So you will be needed the super spirit detergent from the lundromart that you can exchange the item from barterman to get the cables that grandma will use to create the puncho for you. But there is a problem that the door of the lundromart is closed and you need the door open to get the detergent.

So you have to climb the building of the lundromart as there you will find the robots throwing paints from one building to other and once you will reach there you can meow there and he will drop the paint and it will fall in the door of the lundromart that will make its owner open the door and start cleaning the paint.

And at that time you can simply enter the mart and there on the rack you will find the super spirit detergent steal it and go to the barterman and exchange the detergent for cables and once done go to grandma and she will ask you if you have something so that she can make puncho for you so now give her the cables and she instantly make you a puncho collect the puncho.

Give Blanket To Elliot

Give Blanket To Elliot
Source – BlueTwelve Studio

Now you have to go to Elliot fast and he will ask if you have something that can make him feel warmer so that he can start his work and able to fix your tracker, now give him the Blanket/Puncho and once yo do that he will feel warm and immediately fix your tracker and now you can continue your journey.

So i hope you will now able to fix your tracker ad you have the idea How To Get a Blanket For Elliot and you also check other articles like All Energy Drink Locations In Stray & How To Get Worker Jacket And Worker Helmet

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