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Stray: All Slums Notebook Locations

All Four Slums’ Notebooks are very essential in Stray to progress the main story.



All Slums Notebook Locations

A total number of four notebooks is available in Slums. These books are essential to progress the main story in Stray. Each of the four notebooks belonged to one of the four different outsiders.

There are Four Slums’ Notebooks named Momo’s Notebook, Zbaltazar’s Notebook, Clementine’s Notebook and Doc’s Notebook respectively. In this guide, we have shared a complete guide to getting all Slums’ Notebooks easily.

Where To Find All Slums Notebooks in Stray

All Four Slums’ Notebooks are very essential in Stray to progress the main story. You can follow the process given below to find all Slums Notebooks.

Momo’s Notebook

Momo's Notebook
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive

To get Momo’s Notebook, you need to go to Momo’s Apartment and show him the postcard to get MOMO’s Notebook. The location of Momo’s flat is in the highest points of the Slums. You can go to the location from an opposite building of a Guardian.

Go down the stairs and climb from the Air conditioners to his balcony and climb on the window to enter his room. Show the postcard and get Momo’s Notebook.

Clementine’s Notebook

Clementine's Notebook
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive

You can find Clementine’s Notebook in his flat. The building of the flat has an Outsiders badge painted on the wall with an orange Chinese lantern dangling from the window. You can jump from a metal pipe to the window and enter the building. Go on the other side from a broken glass pane then take a left to enter the room. Jump on the desk to get Clementine’s Notebook.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook

Zbaltazar's Notebook
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive

When you will leave Momo’s flat and climb on the window then see around for a blue square like a face. Go to the location from the roof of the building. You will see a yellow colour light coming from the roof which one running fan.

You need to unplug the fan by interacting with the plug. Once the fan stops then enter Zbaltazar’s flat and knock over the boxes to find the Notebook.

Doc’s Notebook

Doc's Notebook
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive

You can go towards the library that is closer to the centre of the village. Look for the Two orange Chinese lanterns dangling with one blue square logo outside the building. Enter the library and go straight in the corner then turn right to get the key and go left then go right to get the final book.

That’s everything about All Slums Notebook Locations in Stray. You can also check out other guides on the game such as All-Energy Drink Locations In Stray and How To Get Worker Jacket And Worker Helmet.

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