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Sea Urchin Locations In Tower Of Fantasy

Check out the Sea Urchin Locations in Tower Of Fantasy that you can use as an ingredient in a different recipes.




Sea Urchin Locations In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy is an open-world game that is very huge and you have to put in a lot of energy in order to explore the world of Aida.

And to gain lots of energy users need to cook food in their kitchen so to become a good chef you need to have the required ingredients.

Sea Urchin is one of such ingredients that you will be needed to cook dishes like Steamed eggs that have the ability to generate 20,000 HP. So an ingredient that is so important is also not easily available to you and that’s we have made this guide for you.

Sea Urchin Locations In Tower Of Fantasy

Sea Urchin Locations
Sea Urchin Locations

You will be able to get Sea Urchin in Ruin B-02 in the Banges region and the coordinates for the region are Lat 480.8, Lon 347.8, and you won’t going to get Sea Urchin in a huge amount in this area but it will be enough for your recipe.

The only thing good about the region is that you will be able to get to this place quite easily because of its location that is near to the Banges Dock.

One you will collected the Sea Urchin and if you want more just wait for some time and you will see them respawning and you can again collect theitem.

Hope you get information you are searching for and for more guidance you can these articles Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Gender, Tower Of Fantasy Characters Ultimate Burst Skill

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