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Rune Factory 5: Squid Location (Complete Guide)

Here on this page, we have shared a detailed guide on where to find squid in Rune Factory 5 that will help you catch this rare creature.

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Rune Factory 5 Squid Locations

Rune Factory 5 is an amazing role-playing game where you get to perform lots of amazing tasks and it is no different than other earlier ones in terms of fishing mechanisms where the type of fish you caught depends on the various factors we will discuss further in the article.

There are so many different types of Fish there in Rune Factory 5 and you can even make a good amount of money by catching and selling them other than that you can also complete some quests by catching them.

But there are different factors that you need to consider when you are trying to catch the fish and those are like the season, fishing spot, and even the time of day because every factor helps in the type of fish you will get.

Once you catch squid which is actually quite hard to get because of its rarity you even have to give one to Cecil in order to complete the quest and also make a strong bond between both of you.

Rune Factory 5: Squid Location

 pond of hope
Source – RononTyr Games

So one thing we know about squid is that it is a freshwater fish and chances are very high that we will easily get them in freshwater and fortunately we also know the huge location of freshwater in Rigbarth that is the pond of hope that you can find west of The Blue Moon.

But that’s not it, we also know one more location of freshwater that has a high chance of having squid and that is a pond situated near the Phoros Woodlands. And last but not least Bandit King’s Old Base.

So there are some places where you can go in order to search for squid and then you will be able to complete your quest.

How To Catch Squid In Rune Factory 5

39.3 cm Squid
Source – RononTyr Games

All you need is a fishing rod in order to catch the squid and you will already have this rod by now, then see for the black outline go close to that and you will able to see the fish and now you have to use the fish rod and have to wait until fish comes near the rod and have a bite and then you will see a black hole over there which is an indication that the fish has been hooked and now you have to press B and the fish is yours.

As I already told you that there are many different kinds of fish over there which means it is not guaranteed that you will get the desired fish on your first attempt.

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