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Rune Factory 5: Monster Locations (Bounty Locations)

Want to know the Bounty Locations in Rune Factory 5 then read the below article where we have shared all the information in detail.




Rune Factory 5 Monster Locations

Rune Factory 5 the farm simulation game has all the things which a farm sim game needed like the field that can be used to make money, friendly residents, and different activities like mining and fishing.

As soon as you will start the game you have to help Livia in hunting the wanted monsters that will help you make a good amount of money, and this adventure will make your farming life balanced.

In the journey of capturing the monsters you will get amazing rewards like recipes, boosters and other things and mainly there are three regions where you can find the monsters and they are the Phoros Woodlands, the Kelve Volcanic Region, and Lake Yumina. You will get 1000P for every moster you caught.

Monster Locations (Bounty Locations)

Monster Locations (Bounty Locations)

Phoros Woodlands

Goblin ArcherIn the Southern RegionCooking Bread x11 Star
SlimeIn the Northwest RegionWeapon Bread x11 Star
FairyIn the Central RegionFarming Bread x11 Star
Big MuckIn the Northwest RegionCooking Bread x12 Star
MamadoodleIn the Northwest RegionThe Protein x14 Star

Kelve Volcanic Region

IgnisIn the Northern AreaCrafting Bread x12 Star
ChipsqueekIn the Northern AreaChemistry Bread x12 Star
GarmrIn the Southern AreaWeapon Bread x23 Star
Blood PantherIn the Northern AreaHeart Drink x14 Star
GuardianIn the Northern AreaMillionstrike x15 Star

Lake Yumina

Silver Wolf In the Northern AreaCooking Bread x23 Star
Emperor Penguin In the Northern AreaCooking Bread x23 Star
Malm Tiger In Central AreaIntelligencer x14 Star
Hell GhostIn the Southern RegionGust x15 Star
ElementalistIn the Western AreaStraight Punch x15 Star

How To Capture Monster In Rune Factory 5

In the starting days of your game Livia will give you the ability to capture Monsters and the ability is Spell Seal in order to use the ability you need to hold ZL button that will charge the attack and leave the button to attack.

Once you wanted to chase down a monster you ahve to fist consult with Livia and then she will allow you hunting one monster at a time and then you have to reach the place and you will find monster glowing in red.

Do not use you ability in the starting of your combat rahter start the fight with your normal accatck and then use your special ability to destroy them and as they are not tameable don’t even try to brush them just beat them and do not kill them.

Once you have destroyed the monster go back to Livia and she will hand over your reward to you.

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