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Rune Factory 5: Black Feather Location (Complete Guide)

Let’s check out the Rune Factory 5 Black Feather Location which is an amazing material that helps users to build amazing items in the game.




Rune Factory 5 Black Feather Location

Rune Factory 5 is latest part of the Rune Factory game series that is available in the Nintendo Switch for the gamers where you will be able to get amazing experience of exploring different world and great combats with your enemies.

As you will grow in the game you will see how huge the world of Rune Factory 5 is and how many different tasks you have to perform in order to complete different and you will face different powerful enemies while you are performing the quests and different tasks.

While you are performing these tasks you will the powerful enemies and to defeat them you will be needed different powerful gear and weapons and there different methods available in the game to acquire them and crafting them one of such method.

Black Feather Location In Rune Factory 5

Chuckadoodles Rune Factory 5
Chuckadoodles Rune Factory 5

You will find many different materials in the game to craft different items but Black Festher is one such material that will help you build impactful items in the game and now we will see the location where you can find Black Feather in Rune Factory 5.

You can get Black Feather from an amazing creature available in the game which is Chuckadoodles a bird but quite hard to find and harder to get the feather of the creature. So Kelve Lava Caves is the place where you can find these amazing birds roaming around.

Once you will reach the place it will be easy for you to locate them because of there dark back probably won’t going to miss that and they have that Black Feather that you want and the best part is you can tame them in order to get the Black Feather.

So if you are facing any problem taming this monster chicken you can use your brush, and you have to brush the monster around 15 times and most probably it will get tamed and you will be able to get different useful materials form the monsters and Black Feather in one of them.

So if you want to increase your power in the game and want to experience more of the game then it is very important that you will have powerful weapons with you and for that either you can invest or craft them and you can use Black Feather in order to make your presence very powerful.

But in order to craft your weapons or gears you have to first pass the crafting exam that you can face in the game although the exam is not very difficult and users can easily be able to pass the exam and there are different skills available in the game and by passing the exams you can easily learn the skills.

So hope you get the complete information from our detailed guide and here are few more guide that can help you How To Tame Cerberus, Rune Factory 5: Squid Location, Rune Factory 5: Can You Be Gay

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