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Pinecone Tower Of Fantasy Location

Check out the Pinecone Location in Tower Of Fantasy and make some awesome super rare dishes and gain good energy.




Pinecone Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy is an amazing game where you have to leave earth and have to shift to a completely new world called Aida and there you have to perform different tasks in order to survive in the game.

And as you had your food on earth to gain the energy you also have to eat to gain energy but here you have to first find the ingredients that are scattered around the world and then you can cook the recipes.

And Pinecone is one such ingredient that you can use to create some super rare recipes and gain some great energy so let’s check the Pinecone location in Tower Of Fantasy.

Pinecone Tower Of Fantasy Location

Pinecone Tower Of Fantasy Location
Pinecone Tower Of Fantasy Location

In order to get Pinecone in Tower Of fantasy, you have to visit the Warren region and there you can find this ingredient in ample amounts.

And for your ease, we have put a screenshot of the map that will help you get to the location easily.

So once you reach the location then in the wild location you have to search for the Pinecone and because of the abundance, you will easily get the ingredient to make your recipes.

Tower Of Fantasy Pinecone Recipes

Nut Teax1 Hazelnut
x2 Pinecone
x2 Honey
Pine Cocoax1 Pinecone
x1 Cocoa Beans
x2 Milk
Tower Of Fantasy Pinecone Recipes

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