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Pet Simulator X: How To Make Rainbow Pets

Get your Rainbow pet in Pet Simulator X fast by reading our detailed guide on how to make Rainbow Pets in Pet Simulator X.



How To Make Rainbow Pets

Pet Simulator X has a huge no. of loyal fans and they got crazy with every new update with update 5 they have added a new mechanism for Rainbow Pets and there is a very very low chance of becoming a hatched egg into Rainbow pet.

Because of our human behaviour, we easily get bored with anything doesn’t matter how amazing that was at the start so many players in the game got bored with normal pets and want something new and Pet Simulator X knows our requirements which makes the developers introduce a new pet.

And as soon as a new pet has introduced in the game players start to get the pet but many players are not getting pets don’t worry we are here to help you out and that’s why we have made this guide on how to make rainbow pets in Pet Simulator X.

How To Make Rainbow Pets In Pet Simulator X

Make Rainbow Pets In Pet Simulator X
Make Rainbow Pets In Pet Simulator X

So there are various methods with the help of which you can get rainbow pets in Pet Simulator X and below you can find them.

So first you can easily trade a Rainbow Pet but the hard part here is to find someone you want to trade his rainbow pet you can go to a trade plaza and there you can find someone you want to trade his rainbow pet.

Another method is you can hatch an egg and there is a chance of 0.5% that you will get a rainbow but you can increase this chance up to 2.5% by purchasing the Lucky Rainbow Pet Gamepass but still, the chance is very low so next move to our next method.

So in the next method, you have to teleport to Mine biome where you will find the machine, and you have to use at least 6 golden pets in order to run the machine you can put as many as you want depending upon your capability and then have to push the start button and wait if you are lucky you will a rainbow pet otherwise all your pets were gone so this one is quite a risky one.

But the more no. of pets you put in the rainbow the more you have a chance to get the rainbow pet but at the same time it is risky too as if you don’t get the rainbow pet you won’t get your pets back.

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