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Outriders Worldslayer How To Get Pax Points

Outriders Worldslayer has introduced a PAX tree system that let the Outriders acquire a new skill set by performing some quest or missions.




Outriders Worldslayer How To Get Pax Points

Just after releasing Outriders Worldslayer, it become a huge hit and lots of players started playing the game the sad part was the game hasn’t added any new classes in the game but a good part is also there as they have added two new sub-classes in each class as PAX tree that you can think as new mechanics.

But the tricky part here is you cannot get access to these new sub-classes simply rather you have to collect PAX points and there are only 5 PAX points available in the game for you so you have to perform a few tasks in order to get them and below we have mentioned how you can get them.

Outriders Worldslayer How To Get Pax Points

How To Get Pax Points
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The PAX system of the Outriders Worldslayer will not work unless players reach at least level 30, and there are various missions available for the players that will give access to PAX Points once completed. Below you can check the missions with the help of which you will be able to get the points.

  • After defeating The Fisherman character in Trepidation.
  • Completing the Pilgrimage mission
  • Completing the Shards mission
  • Completing the Wrath mission
  • Completing the Trial of Tarya Gratar Endgame Expedition.

You won’t have to do anything unique in order to get the first four PAX Points as you will be able to get them by just going through the Worldslayer’s story. But the last one is quite difficult to get where to finish the Trial of Tarya Gratar which is quite a tough activity.

Once you have gathered the PAX points you can then spend them PAX Skill Tree where you will be able to unlock a new set of skills. And you can use a hybrid approach or go all-in on one branch and specialize the character.

Hope you get all the answers to your queries and more thing you must check the article I have mentioned below as it will help you reach level 30 quickly as without reaching level 30 PAX system will not get activated.

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