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Outriders Worldslayer Best Technomancer Builds

Here on this page, you can get the long-range support specialist’s Best Builds like from freezing your enemies to ground slam.




Outriders Worldslayer Best Technomancer Builds

Technomancer is one of the four classes and has the ability of long-range status effects in the Outriders Worldslayer, every class has its own set of abilities and so as Technomancer and here on this page we will share Outriders Worldslayer Best Technomancer Builds from Skills, class trees, and weapon options.

Best Technomancer Builds

Technomancer Skills

Below are the eight different skills so go and check them out.


Here you will launch a proximity device that start an explosion and gives damage to your enemies and also all the enemies comes in its radius will not be able to use their skill properly.

Cryo Turret (GADGET, TURRET)

This skill help you to freeze your enemies and also deals damage, and slowly as it takes damage its health start depleating.

Best Technomancer Builds
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You will be able to launch missiles in this skill that deals good damage to your enemies, so here with this skill you will find a missile launcher in front of you that will launch deadly missiles for you.

Blighted Rounds (DECAY)

In this skill you will be able to fill your current weapons with the decay bullets that inflicts toxic to the main target and also the other enemies that are placed within a specific radius and it also deals 50% damage to the enemy.

Fixing Wave (GADGET, HEAL)

With the help of this skill you will be able to Release your energy to restore 66% of Health to all players and 66% of Health to your turrets regardless of distance.

Cold Snap (GADGET)

This skill let you inflict freeze to a large radius of the enemies around you.

Mods & Gears

It is quite difficult to find a perfect piece of gear in the Outriders and that’s why it is recommended to focus on acquiring the right mods and go before the specific gear. As the Technomancer is a long range specialist your mods should be focused on buffing Cyro Turret, Blighted Turret, Freeze, and Toxic damage. Below we have mentioned few mods that can be helpful for you.

Twins – Before you launch the cooldown you can place two turrets.

Hail Shots – You will be able to increase the power to Turrets which depends on your status power.

Anomaly – This can increase your Skills, Melle, and status effects damage.

Status Power – With the help of this you will be able to give increased damages.

Pax Tree


Every status effect that you will inflict on your enemy it will increase by 5% and can kill them quite quickly.


Your enemy will also get inflicted with random stats when they got inflicted with the toxic.

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