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Outriders Journal Locations First City

You will find so many different hidden items and collectibles as you will progress in the game Outriders. And Journal is one of the many things that you will be needed in the game.




Outriders Journal Locations First City

Journal is a very important piece of item where you can find the information about different locations, characters, and also can know about your enemies. But getting the journals is quite tricky and today in this page we will share the Outriders Journal Locations First City.

So in this region there are total 16 different journals are available but some are locked and in order to unlock them players need to complete the different quests. So now without any further ado lets check out all the journals.

Outriders Journal Locations First City

1st Location - Powering the Cryopods

1st Location – Powering the Cryopods

You can find the first journal quite near to the place you will start that is “Exile Territory sign” and for that you have to move toward the hills as soon as you start once reach there head toward the left and there you will find a dead body and on that body you will find the first journal.

2nd Location – Anomaly Hilltop

Once you reach to the place you will you have to move towards the end of the place where you will find a dead body between two barrigates and there you will find the second journal.

3rd Location – Formation of the Outriders

You need to continue your journey towards Gallows area where the sewer water is coming from and there you will find the journal along side a dead body.

4th Location – The Outriders Revamped

You have to reach the main area of the Gallows, there you have to go to single story concrete building and once reach there on the corner you will find a ready body and there you will find the 4th journal.

5th Location – Radio Tower

After finding the 4th one you need to head towards the radio tower area, or you can also follow the chain link fence and you will find a dead body with the another journal the 5th one.

6th Location – Outriders Disbanded

Now you have to head towards the Hangman’s Tree where you will find many people hanging from the tree and there on the ground you will find the dead body and also your 6th journal.

7th Location – The First Anomaly Storm

Now container plaza is the place where you have move and there you can find two different journals, now you have to head toward the circular building and there you will find the large shipping crate and there on a dead body you can find the journal no. 7th.

8th Location – Setting up the Colony

After getting the 7th one you then need to take left from the crates and then need to follow the path and the path will take you to the next journal.

9th Location – Jane Colm’s Journal

The 9th journal can be found near cryo bunker entrance on the right of main street, and you have to head towardsbthe right from the bridge and then you will find Jane Colm’s Journal in the corner.

10th Location – The Storm’s Aftermath

Head towards the gate mechanism in the area’s Main Street where you will find a dead body on which you will find the 10th Journal.

11th Location – Exile

You will find the 11th journal on the tower which is overlooking the drawbridge, and next to wall is another place where you will find the notes.

12th Location – Anna McKellen’s Journal

The 12th journal can be found Inside Alfred McKellen’s house while you are performing the No place like home quest. In order to complete this quest you even have to defeat few tough bosses.

13th Location – Cryopods

You will get this journal while you are performing the Endless dark quest Inside the first Cryopod lab.

14 the Location – Powering the Cryopods

You will find the another journal in the same room in the other corner also because of the blue marking it becomes easy to locate these journals.

15th Location – Mass Awakening

In order to get this journal you have to take Left of the second cryo pod location in the Endless Dark quest and there you can reach by killing all enemies you will face in your path.

16th Location – Because of the part of the same quest you will find this journal quite easily that is located Left of the second cryo pod.

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