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Outriders Deadrock Pass Journals Locations Guide

Deadrock Pass, Marshal Cullen’s turf is the sole stop between the two towns Trench Town and Rift Town, all the Trenches you find in the Frontline made up of Lumber come from here, and earlier the place was full of greenery but now most of the part has been covered with the mud.




Outriders Deadrock Pass Journals Locations Guide

And players are searching for different Journals in a particular place and to be exactly those three journals placed in the area, but are facing problems finding the journals that’s why we have created this guide, and here we have shared the complete guide on Outriders Deadrock Pass Journals Locations.

There are three different Journals in the Deadrock Pass and those are:

  • Alastair Cullen’s Journal
  • The Great Extinction
  • A Joint Effort

Outriders Deadrock Pass Journals Locations

Outriders Deadrock Pass

Alastair Cullen’s Journal

In order to find Alastair Cullen’s Journal players need to visit the camp near the Deadrock Pass that is situated on the left of the drawbridge from which you will enter and there you will find your Journal.

The Great Extinction

In order to find The Great Extinction Journal players have to visit the top of the tower that you will find in the Deadrock pass. The place is situated above the garage and you have to take the stairs in order to reach there quickly.

A Joint Effort

In order to find A Joint Effort Journal you have to visit the area Historian – Vision at the entrance of the area you will find a dead body and on the body, you will find A Joint Effort Journal.

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