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MHR Sunbreak Espinas Location, Weaknesses, Drops Guide

Want to know about Espinas’ Location, Weaknesses and a lot more? if yes then here, we are going to share a complete guide on Espinas.



Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Espinas Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has various monsters, Espinas is one of those. This is a Large Monster type enemy. The monster available after the release of the Sunbreak Expansion.

If you are struggling to defeat the Espinas then here, we are going to share a complete guide on Espinas’ Overview, Locations, Weaknesses, Drops and a lot more.

MHR Sunbreak: Espinas

Espinas Monster is a large Monster in MHR Sunbreak. This flying Wyvern species monster is available with the new release of the Sunbreak Expansion. The main object of the monster is to hunt and this is one of the most hostile monsters when woken up in the game.

You can defeat the monster and collect some valuable resources that you can use in the game to progress. While fighting with the monster you need to focus on the attacks and moveset of the monster.

Espinas Location In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Espinas Location In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Espinas can be found in The Jungle and The Citadel. The Jungle has a warm atmosphere and ample rainfall that makes the promised land for the monsters to survive. If we talk about the Citadel then this covered forest area with frozen icecaps.

Espinas Weaknesses

You can attack the heads and Legs of the Espinas because these parts of the monster are the most approachable and weaker points of the monster. The abdomen part of the monster is also a weak point.

Apart from this, you can also attack some resistant points such as the Back, Tail and Wings. The Espinas belong to the fire elements but are weak against the Blast and Ice.

MHR Sunbreak Espinas Drops

You can defeat the monster and collect various items from their drops such as:

  • Espinas Shard
  • Espinas Cortex
  • Espinas Toxic Blood
  • Espinas Lash
  • Espinas Surspike
  • Espinas Mantle
  • Espinas Hardhorn
  • Large Wyvern Tear

Tips And Tricks

To defeat the Espinas in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you can follow these tips and tricks:

  • You can use our recommended Weapons And Armor to defeat the monster successfully:
    • Weapons – Frostmoon Paleblade, Mighty Soulromancer, Amber Snapfrost, Fire And Ice.
    • Armor – Rathian X
  • The monster is weaker against the Ice damage.
  • His breath attacks poison, paralysis and fireblight so, you need to have resistance skills and ailment recovery items prepared before the attack.

This was the guide on the MHR Sunbreak Espinas Location, Weaknesses and Drops. If this guide helps you then never forget to check out other guides of the guide such as Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt Location.

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