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Location Of Philly In Tower Of Fantasy

With the new update of Tower Of Fantasy, there are so many different achievements to unlock and one of them is finding Philly so let’s check it out.




Location Of Philly In Tower Of Fantasy

In the world of Aida, we have seen so many amazing and dangerous enemies who are really very difficult to defeat. And other than the main story there are also some side stories where you will also find strong monsters to fight with.

So Tower Of Fantasy has recently released its update where they have added some amazing places to explore and one of them is Artificial Island this is the place where you will also find Philly.

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Location Of Philly

Location Of Philly

But the Artifical Island is locked and in order to unlock the Island we have to go to Banges Port and there we will find Kolador and we need to speak to him, one more thing that you need to take care of is that you have to be atleast at level of 50 or above and also you have started the chapter 2.

So once in the island you can find Philly on the south of the base zero and once you reach there you will find him riding with a helicopter around the area and as he is level 70 monster he has great power that can easily kill you if you havn’t prepared well.

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And for the offensive part you will be needed and ranged weapon as arial attack can consume your stamina so better to have a good ranged weapon. And one you will defeat the monster your Philly achievement will automatically unlocked.

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