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How To Use Skill-based Passing In Madden NFL 23

Skill-based Passing system is a new system added to the game and we will see if will it be worth investing your time and energy into this system and also how to use it.




How To Use Skill-based Passing In Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23 is the latest update in Madden NFL series with so many awesome updates in the game and skill-based passing is one of the newly added features in the game.

As the feature is new players are struggling to understand the feature as there are two different options which one is better and other questions.

And we have done our proper research and made a guide that will give you all the information regarding the new feature of Madden NFL 23 Skill-Based Passing.

How To Use Skill-based Passing In Madden NFL 23

Placement and Placement & Accuracy
Placement and Placement & Accuracy

Be it any game if you want to pass the ball to your teammate then accuracy plays a very important role and in Madden NFL 23 you have to be accurate so that your teammate can score a point.

And there Skill-Based Passing can help you out and make your pass very accurate, so it will give you proper control over your pass even where you actually want to drop the ball.

So you may have seen that there are two different options Placement and Placement & Accuracy, so in the second option, you can see a blue meter before you pass the ball that won’t find in the first option.

 activate the feature from the setting tab
Source – Madden Moneyshot

It is not the default feature of the game but you can activate the feature from the setting tab, in the setting tab search for control and other you will find the option to set it for skill-based passing.

Going with Placement & Accuracy would be a better option as it gives slightly more accuracy than the first one.

And now it’s time for the pass and while performing passing you will see a blue circle around the player you want to pass the ball and you have to aim the ball properly so it lands in the exact position or with very little difference.

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