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How To Use God Mode In Bitlife (Complete Guide)

Want to know how to use God Mode in Bitlife that will give some amazing powers to perform amazing tasks so below you can check the complete guide on how to use god mode in Bitlife.




How To Use God Mode In Bitlife

By just reading the name you can guess what this mode will look like, God Mode means you will get the power of God, and what can God do? Anything. So when you start using the God Mode you will become the strongest player in the game where you will be able to do anything.

The thing that makes this game fascinating is the ability of the users to test anything with the game that one can’t even think about in real life. A few things that you can do can test your life as a Pilot, Farmer, Social Influencer, Doctor and can even become prime minister in the game.

And now developers have introduced the God mode in the game which is a premium feature of the game but this very powerful character has the ability to customize their own character and at the same time, he is able to alter other characters. And other than that you will also get other awesome advantages like Karma, discipline, etc in your character.

How To Activate God Mode In Bitlife

In order to activate the God Mode in Bitlife users first need to create a new life with the help of the menu section, and there you will find the character attribute option where you will find many different options and at the bottom, you will find the special option to activate the God Mode.

As I already told you that this feature is premium so you have to pay around $4.99 in order to activate this great feature.

How To Use God Mode In Bitlife To Customize Character

How To Use God Mode In Bitlife To Customize Character

So now as you have activated the God Mode, you have now become the virtual God who has the power and ability to do anything like you can see the thing that is going to happen in the near future, with the help of God mode you will be able to change or create a character according to your desire.

Attribute & Stats

After creating the life you will have to enter various stats of the character’s name, gender, birthplace, and various other things like Facial Hair, Hair Cut, Eyebrows and many other physical stats.

Other than that you can also control various other stats like Smartness, Sexuality, Happiness, Willpower, Karma and many others.

Other Advantages

You will also be able to do time travel and able to fix your mistakes and can complete your dreams also can reduce the risk taken by you and can also be born with a silver spoon so you can do almost everything.

How To Get God Mode In Bitlife For Free

So the sweet and simple answer to this question is you can not do that as it is a premium feature and a modded version of the game let you do that which is completely illegal so must keep yourself away from such things. And the game is really interesting and the cost of God Mode is not much so it will be worth purchasing God Mode rather than trying illegal things.

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