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How To Unlock Pardis Dhyai Underground Cave Puzzle | Genshin Impact

Completing the pardis dhyai underground cave puzzle is a very important task in order to complete the legends of the stone lock quest so let’s solve the puzzle.

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How To Unlock Pardis Dhyai Underground Cave Puzzel
Genshin Impact

So the first that you need to do in order to solve the underground cave puzzle is teleport to the Pardis Dhyai, and once you reach there you have to head toward the north until you find the entrance of the cave.

You can find the entrance of the cave by observing the flowing water as the water is going inside the cave you can use your wings to enter the cave and once you enter the cave the water will disappear.

From there follow the path until you reach a waterfall and there you can use the flower to climb up once there summon the dendrogram at the left then hit the dendro rock using charged attack.

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How To Unlock Pardis Dhyai Underground Cave Puzzle

Pardis Dhyai Underground Cave Puzzle Solved
Source – Genshin Impact

Now you have to defeat all the enemies you will find there and bring out Seelie from that wooden cage and then you have to Seelie.

Now your task is to summon the dendrogana and then simply hit the dendro totem in order to unlock the gate.

After that you have to play Vintage Iyre and play the notes: fa mi so fa do and then enter the tree to start the challenge and then collect all the particles. And then simply open the chest to open the gate and you have solved the puzzle.

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