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How to Unlock Omnium Tower Warren Snowfield In Tower Of Fantasy

There are different Omnium Towers in different areas in Tower Of Fantasy that you can access by locking different areas.




How to Unlock Omnium Tower Warren Snowfield In Tower Of Fantasy

Players are doing their best to complete various tasks that they get in Tower Of Fantasy that will help them get rewards or get access to different places. Unlocking Omnium Tower Warren Snowfield is one such task they have to perform.

In order to do so, you have to unlock some of the places that you can do by performing the quests or the main storyline.

And you find Omnium Tower Warren Snowfield in the Warren Snowfield area and in order to unlock the tower you have to have a good CS score and suppressor that can save you from the immense radiation.

Unlock Omnium Tower Warren Snowfield

Chapter 5 - 01
Chapter 5 – 01

So first you have to start chapter 5 -01 in Snowfield in Disorder Story and once started visit Heirs stronghold in order to go through the story.

To break the icy shell you need the different components that you will find in Heris Stronghold but as you reach there you will get to know that turret is hacked so you have to make your way towards the Franz and there you will find the boss whom you have to defeat.

Seele boss fight

Now you have to fight with Seele the boss and you have to beat her as soon as possible and you can shatter her shield once done then your last task is to deactivate the Omnium Tower in Warren Snowfield.

Deactivate the tower
Deactivate the tower

Now your last task is to just deactivate the tower and for the location, you can take the help of your map and now you have got access to the Omnium Tower in Warren.

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