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How To Throw Items for Range Attack In Rumbleverse

Here we are with the guide on how to throw items for range attack in Rubleverse in 40 players royale battle game.

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How to Throw Items for Range Attack In Rumbleverse

The game is also about close hitting like punches and other close attacks and you find won’t find any guns, or granade that you can use to kill your opponent from far.

And that make the game different from other as these days weapons are very important part of the games and Rumbleverse have break the stereotype and developed something amazing that players are really loving a lot.

But developers may not have added any deadly weapons but still you can perform ranged attacks in the game and for that you can use all the objects that are scattered around like table, chairs, cans and etc.

How to Throw Items for Range Attack In Rumbleverse

Throw Items for Range Attack In Rumbleverse
Throw Items for Range Attack

So the process is very simple of performing ranged attacks and you just have to pick the item up and then you have to press the L1 button so that with the help of which you will be able to aim your target and throw the object to your aim.

So now you have aim your target and now its time for the throw and for that you have to press the R1 and your character will throw the object to your set target.

Throwable Objects

Every objects in game does different amount of damage when used as a ranged weapon and also you can not use all the objects as ranged weapons, and one more thing you need to keep in mind is the timing of use of ranged weapon.

Like how much health does a players have if he has a complete health bar it won’t help you a lot but he/she has low HP and trying escape then at that it can work great and will give you amazing result.

And if you throw a chicken stick then because of it small size and light weight it won’t give that much of damage but at the same time if you throw a garbage can then it can give good result because of its big size and heavy weight.

And other than that you also have the options of table and chairs and it will give damage according to its weight.

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