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How To Tame Ichthyornis In ARK

Here is the detailed guide on how to tame Ichthyornis which is a small flying creature in the ARK world, so go through the article and get the amazing creature as your companion.




How To Tame Ichthyornis In ARK

Stealgull is another name for Ichthyornis a Piscivore aggressive bird creature and resembles as modern day seagull and also it acts quite aggressively as soon as it will see you and most of the time it will try to steal your food.

Mostly you will find them flying around the beaches and if they steal your tools other than food than most probably they will throw them on the ground that you can again collect but if they steal your food they will simply eat it.

They are very hated and unpredictable in the ARK world because of its weird behaviour as some times you can go and stand beneath them for sometime they will don’t even react whereas they will suddenly attack you as soon as they will see you.

If you are at the initial stage of the game and have quite low stats then better you will avoid them as they can be lethal for the weak survivors in the game.

Utility & Ability

Utility & Ability
Source – ARK

Ichthyornis is actually a very useful creature for the surviour and below we have mentioned the different utilities and abilities of the creature.

Collector – All you need is to set the creature “hunt and retrieve” and just tell him to collect fish it will immediately bring you some dead fish that you can later converted into raw meat or raw prime meat other than that it also has the ability to attack small ground creature and make lots of availability of the meat.

Good Companion – Ichthyornis can be great companion for the surviour but the actual pain is of taming them and it is a shoulder mount pet which also makes it great having the creature.

Taming Helper – As we know we need lots of food in order to tame many creatures and there Ichthyornis could be a great help because of it ability of make the meat available for you and that even quickly.

How To Tame Ichthyornis

How To Tame Ichthyornis
Source – ARK

In order to tame Ichthyornis you have to use bola that will knock him out but as the creature is quite a weak one you must be very careful as you can accidently kill the creature.

As soon as it comes to ground you have to use bola and Tranqs but you should keep one thing in your mind that is about its level and according to level you have to use the items. Using bola and tranqs will make the Ichthyornis unconscious.

And the difficult part in the whole process is to find them in the ground because they can fly for very long hours, but if you got successful in killing all the fish in its vicinity then chances are very high that it will come to ground. And below we have mentioned the taming foods that you can use to tame the creature.

 Regular Kibble2356810
 Raw Prime Fish Meat81829405061
 Cooked Prime Fish Meat16365879100121
 Raw Fish Meat235486118150182
 Cooked Fish Meat46108172235299363

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