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How To Tame A Compy In ARK

Here on this page, you will get a detailed guide on taming a Compy in ARK that will help you make Compy your great companion.




How To Tame A Compy In ARK

The complete name of Compy is Compsognathus, one of the smallest predators in the game you will encounter. If you somehow find a single Compy, it won’t be a threat to you, but if they are in a group, they can show you their aggressive and carnivorous nature.

Although they are quite small still they do not get afraid of your character and try to explore you and once a Compy comes near you it will also attract the Compy that can be quite dangerous for you.

These small creatures are extremely loyal to their master once get tamed properly and also the creature is one of the smartest creatures on the island which means having one as your companion can be a great thing for you.

How To Tame A Compy In ARK

Tame A Compy In ARK
Group Of Compy

Taming a Compy can be quite easy for you but if you are among such an unlucky person then it can be quite daunting for you, so you have to first knock out a Compy first keeping in mind that you do not knock out multiple Compy as they can wake up suddenly and also makes other conscious while you are distracted.

So finding a lone Compy can be a great thing for you as it will be easy for you to tame it and on that, if you wore flask armour things get easier for you as Compy will not be able to give you any damage so now you have to shoot 1-3 tranquillizer darts in order to knock out the Compy.

You can even use Argentavis or Pteranodon if you have them to pick the Compy and put in the taming bin put the raw prime meat and narcotic and let him eat the food and slowly his taming bar will get full and you will get a cute loyal creature to accompany you in this delay world.

So in that way, you can tame Compy and if you want more taming guides you can check them here How To Tame Ichthyornis In ARK, How To Tame A Wyvern Complete Guide, How To Tame Andrewsarchus In ARK

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