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How to take no damage from Teleport Strike in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

There are several objectives available in the game and completing them can give you upgrade points here we will see how to complete how to take no damage from a teleport strike.

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How to take no damage from Teleport Strike

There are 71 different side objectives to complete that some of which you will find in the main story the objectives are not quite hard to complete but some of them will challenge you to a different level.

And if you want to unlock the Mandate Trophy and Achievement then you will also need to complete all the 71 missions one of the missions is “Our Man Crypto” and to complete the mission there is one side mission where you have to take no damage from teleport strike from the ninjas.

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How to take no damage from Teleport Strike

How to take no damage from Teleport Strike
Source – Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

As you reach the place you will find different ninjas and you can use one of the ninja’s bodies and then go have a talk with the master ninja in order to get the ninja clan.

But as soon as the talk will finish the fight will start and the master and ninjas will start attacking you and your objective is to defeat them without taking any damage from the ninja’s teleport strike.

Where they suddenly teleport on top of you and strike but don’t worry there is a way to dodge the attack and for that you have to observe the white symbol above your head at that point you have to dodge their attack with the help of the O button and hit them and defeat the ninjas.

And you can also use the skating ability and go to the water where you will be safe but make sure you are out of the water as it can damage you but at the same time it also damages the ninjas so when they try to hit you they won’t be able to do that because of your high speed.

And some of them will fall in the water and die and other you can kill with your weapons and can complete the mission without taking damage.

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