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How to Solve the Frequency Puzzle in Gotham Knights

Check out the complete guide on how to Solve the Frequency Puzzle in Gotham Knights quickly and easily.




How to Solve the Frequency Puzzle in Gotham Knights

The much-awaited game has been released now and has attracted huge no. of audiences and the no. is continuously growing day by day the reason behind the success of Gotham Knights is the graphics, story and fan following.

In the game, you will be playing as the main lead and you have to do various combats and adventures, but other than that game also has different missions and puzzles and one of the puzzles is Aligning the Frequencies.

So here on this page, we will be going to see the guide on how to solve the frequency puzzle in case 7 of the Gotham Knight.

How to Solve the Frequency Puzzle in Gotham Knights

Solve the Frequency Puzzle

In order to solve the puzzle first you have to visit Arkham Asylum there you will find different frequencies and you have to align them.

Once you reach the place you will find different machines over there and a console in the centre and your first task will be to reset the console that is available in the centre.

And then you have to align the frequencies so that it will show a green signal so you have to start with the first one on the right and go near the machine and it will give you the option to set the amplifier frequency.

And similarly, you have to fix all the machines after the first one you have to fo for the second one in the same line then for the first one in the opposite line and then the last and in that way you will be able to align the frequencies.

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