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How to Increase CS In Tower Of Fantasy

Let’s check out what is CS score and how to raise the CS score in Tower Of Fantasy.

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How to Raise CS Score In Tower Of Fantasy

There are numerous abbreviations you will find in the awesome MMORPG game Tower of Fantasy and CS is one of that abbreviations which means Combat Score.

Users are comparing Tower Of Fantasy with Genshin Impact as it is an anime-focused game where users are experiencing real-time combat and have a huge open world to explore and have fun.

So if you have played any RPG game before then you must have an idea about the stats that will describe the strength of a character and CS stats does the same thing in the Tower Of Fantasy game.

How To See CS Stat In Tower Of Fantasy?

How To See CS Stat In Tower Of Fantasy?
How To See CS Stat In Tower Of Fantasy?

One way is by just switching your weapon you will be able to see the CS stat that for a very little time it flashes and faded away, in the second way you can go to the weapon or backpack menu where you will find the character option on the bottom left and tapping that will show your CS stat.

How to Increase CS Stat In Tower Of Fantasy

The first step that you have to take in order to increase your CS score in Tower Of Fantasy is to upgrade your weapons try to invest as much as possible and once you go above the level 25 you will be able unlock the equipment that will help you increase your CS stat.

In your weapon menu you can check the CS stat and with the help of that you will be able to create a great set of weapons, another invest your time in getting high CS stat gear that will eventually help your increase your CS stat.

Increase CS Stat Through Joint Operation

Increase CS Stat Through Joint Operation
Increase CS Stat Through Joint Operation

Once you will reach the level 20 you will be able to unlock the Joint Operation that is a cross server gameplay. Although you do not have to pay anything to enter the server but in order to open the chest you have to invest 30 vitality for every chest.

On different days you will get to experience different kinds of operations and on completing each operation you will get different rewards in order to join the joint operation open the adventure menu and thereafter hitting select you will find different modes to play and there you can select the operation you want to continue with. Below check out the days and operation you can play.

  • Quarantine Area—open on Monday and Sunday
  • ‘Deepsea Stronghold—open on Tuesday and Saturday
  • Hyenas Area—open on Wednesday and Sunday
  • Deepsea Proving Ground—open on Thursday and Sunday
  • Spacetime Training Ground—open on Friday and Sunday

So the reward you will get after completing the operations will drastically increase your CS stat.

Hope you get the complete information and you want more guidance on the game then check it out here Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Gender, Tower Of Fantasy Characters

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