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Tower of Fantasy: How To Make Juicy BLT

If you are looking for the Juicy BLT in Tower of Fantasy then here we are going to share a complete guide on How To Make Juicy BLT in Tower of Fantasy.



How To Make Juicy BLT In Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is one of the most popular open-world games available on Android, iOS and PC. If you love anime-themed games like Genshin Impact then definitely like Tower of Fantasy.

You can explore Tower of Fantasy land and enjoy the game. The game has lots of things to explore. You can cook delicious food and consume them to restore satiety, Ice Resistance, Increase HP, Flame Resistance, Volt Resistance etc.

Sometimes you need to prepare some dishes to offer to others to complete your quest and mission. So, here we are going to share a guide on one such food named Juicy BLT.

Tower of Fantasy Juicy BLT Recipe

Image Source: Perfect World

You can easily make Juicy BLT in Tower of Fantasy and consume it to get some benefits. Here are all ingredients that you need to make this dish.

  • x1 Fatty Cut
  • x2 Brown Rice
  • x2 Poultry Egg

Juicy BLT is a Super Rare dish that you can make with the help of a Cooking station and one Fatty Cut, Two Brown Rice and Two Poultry eggs.

Once you have all these ingredients then look for the Cooking station to make the dish. Once you find the Cooking station then insert all the ingredients and wait for a few seconds to get this delicious food.

Juicy BLT Benefits

If you are going to consume this dish then you will get the following benefits such as:

  • Restore 20 satiety.
  • Gain (+15% + 675) Fire resistance for 1200 sec.

This was the complete guide on Juicy BLT Tower of Fantasy Recipe. If you also looking for other guides on the game then never forget to check out Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipes and Tower of Fantasy Fried Mushrooms.

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