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How To Make Fuel In Stranded Deep

Want to how to make fuel in stranded Deep which is one of the very important resources of the game then read the below guide regarding the particular query.




How To Make Fuel In Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is an amazing survival game where players need to survive the harsh conditions of a remote location where you will be needed different resources and fuel in one of such resources that is very important for your as it will help you explore the place with your vehicle and in the game, you can only craft fuel and here we will how you can do that.

How To Make Fuel In Stranded Deep?

So in order to make fuel in Stranded Deep players need to have a very important item that is fuel still that will help them make fuel. But now the question is how to get this fuel still? so you do not have to worry I will help you with this.

Fuel Still
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So the answer to your query is very simple this item is an attachment to the campfire and also has the ability to make fuel with the help of the potatoes but the problem you will face here is making fuel from potatoes.

You can grow potatoes in the farm plot and once done start the process to make fuel but wait where will you hold the fuel for that you will be needed a jerrycan that you can find in the containers or in the ground.

And each potato gives you fuel of around 1 quarter but you will require a huge amount of fuel which means you will have to grom good numbers of potatoes so that you never get out of resources.

  • Every potato needs around 48 game hours to grow and for 1 complete unit of fuel, you will be needed 4 potatoes so it will be best that you grow 5-6 potatoes farm and starting early will also be helpful.
  • Also, you will be required 2+1 unit of water to grow 1 potato and 1 extra unit is for the plot so that plants don’t die.
  • So the best thing for you will be keep multiple water stills and try to keep them full so you can use them for the growth of your potatoes.

Put the mashed potatoes in the fuel still and it will give you the fuel you want and then collect them and use them in your vehicle.

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