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How To Liberate Colonies In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Find out below How To Liberate Colonies In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and what are the benefits of liberating colonies.




How To Liberate Colonies In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Gamers are loving Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as it is one of the best JRPG games available right now where you will have awesome places, great characters and powerful villains to fight which keeps it above its competitors.

Also, there are different colonies and they are ruled by Consul the evil power where citizens are not allowed to perform whatever they want to do we all know what important role freedom plays in our lives.

Just think how would you feel if every time you want to do something you have to take permission first the same is the life of the citizens of those colonies and you are the one who can free them from the hands of the evil Consul.

How To Liberate Colonies In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

 Liberate Colonies In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Although it’s not your duty to liberate them but doing so will definitely make your relationship very strong with the citizens of the colonies, one more thing you will get to know about the evilness of the Consul from chapter 3 only and thereafter you can save the citizens of the colonies.

So in order to liberate the colony, you simply have to destroy the Flame Clock which is a mechanism in the game and you can do that by defeating the Consul once you defeat Consul the Flame Clock will automatically get destroyed.

Although not all the colonies can be liberated in the same way in order to liberate them you have to complete a few side quests, so now you have liberated the colonies but wait there are a few rewards for you that you can check below.

Rewards After Setting Up Colonies Free

One I have already told you of good relationship another you will great opportunity of gaining some good experience fast by completing various quest that you will unlock after libertaing the colonies. One more thing do not forget to contact NPC in their areas who will give infomation about your team.

So hope you get the complete information you are searching about and also here are some more articles that you can check to get some help in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 like Where To Find Nia’s Memories In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Where To Find Moisturous Things For Panepane

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