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How To Increase Friendship Quickly & Easily In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Building relationships in the Disney Dreamlight Valley can be quite helpful for you in the game and if do not know the procedure, check out the guide below.




How To Increase Friendship Quickly & Easily In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As soon as the Disney Dreamlight Valley got to air it gets very famous among Disney fans as they would now have the chance to spend their time with their favourite Disney characters which seemed almost real.

The game let you perform so many different tasks and one of them is building a friendship with your favourite characters but that definitely needs proper strategy otherwise you are going to consume lots of time.

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How To Build Friendship With The Residents

How To Build Friendship With The Residents
Image Source – Gameloft

So at the start of the game, you will find these characters unlocked Goofy, Mickey, Merlin, and Scrooge McDuck and they are the ones with whom you will be able to build your friendship. Your friendship with the characters can also help to unlock the quest to open other different characters other than that it also advances the main storyline of the game.

Also if you want to explore the beach area of the game then the requirement for that is to take your friendship with three different characters to level five.

So there are some general ways to build your friendships and those are like making daily conversations with them, various quests are available that will also help if you complete them but these methods can be quite time-consuming or also differs in complexity.

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How To Increase Friendship Quickly

How To Increase Friendship Quickly
Image Source – Gameloft

So in order to make it quick, you have to make the resident follow you in that way each and every action taken by you will help you increase the friendship. And in order to make them follow you simply approach them and start a conversation with the resident and then you have to select the option of “Let’s Hang Out” and they will then follow you everywhere and now you can easily and quickly increase the friendship with the resident of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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