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How to get the Quantum Cloak In Tower Of Fantasy

Quantum Cloak in Tower Of Fantasy is an amazing gadget that you can have and here we will help you to locate it.




How to get the Quantum Cloak In Tower Of Fantasy

As you know Tower Of Fantasy is an MMORPG game and here you face different enemies and sometimes they are tougher to beat than you expected.

And at that time is best to escape the place without knowing them and that is what this amazing help you to do, so if you do not have the particular relic let’s see how you can get it.

Just follow the below process and you will easily be able to get the relic.

How to get the Quantum Cloak In Tower Of Fantasy

Below there are different methods that you can use to get the Quantum Cloak.

From Lucia

From Lucia

In order to use the SR relic Quantum Cloak, you first have to collect 20 pieces of Quantum Cloak Relic Shards that you can collect from the “Lucia Queen of the World”. And you can Lucia over the Rose Garden that you can see on the above map.

As Gift

As Gift

The next thing that you can do to get the item and that even quite fast you have to try to get the things as gifts and for that, you can get them at the Global launch event but there you have to select the item you want as a gift.

Claire’s Dream Machine

Claire’s Dream Machine

In order to do so, you have to play a mini-game where you have to reach the destination in a given period of time and once you have reached the place you will get your item as a reward.

Final Part

Final Part Quantum Cloak

After getting the 20 shards you will get the Quantum Cloak by just combining them in your inventory and now it’s the time to try the gadget.

And we already told you about the usage of the gadget so simply use it and it will hide you that will you a good advantage over your enemies.

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